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Kay Griffith - Abbreviated Portfolio

The vast majority of my work has  not been   photographed.  I have not included any photograhs of seascapes.  I will make that addition soon.

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Palette Knife  -  Abstract  - oil painting

Abstract Landscape2

36x48    Oil


Palette Knife  -  Abstract - oil painting

Abstract Landscape8

18x24  Oil


Palette Knife  -  Abstract   - oil painting

Abstract 16

10x8  Oil


Palette Knife  -  Abstract  -  Oil Painting

Fall Abstract  Landscape

36x24  Oil

Impressionistic landscape oil painting


18x24  Oil


Landscape oil painting

Fall Winds

30x40  Oil


Superb Starling standing on a limb - singing - oil painting

Superb Starling

9x12  Oil





African Lion Mask - Oil Painting

The Mask

9x12  Oil

Lioness that has been distracted from stalking her prey - wildlife oil painting


12x16  Oil

Painted at the request of a friend

Baboon in wildlife oil painting


18x24  Oil

Brother gazelles strolling together


11x14  Oil


14x11  Oil

Young Red Fox

8x10  Oil

Bald Eagle - Profile Portrait

Eagle I

9x12  Oil

Orange Vase and Pear

11x14  Oil

Glass with Sheer Lavender Fabric

9x12  Oil

Red Delicious Apples suspended in space by strings - oil painting

Apples On Strings



Wine Goblet and Shell

24x12  Oil

Daily Oats

18x24  Oil

Texas Hillcountry bluebonnets with yellow-gold  sky - oil painting

Bluebonnets and Sky

24x36  Oil


Big Bend Sunset

30x40  Oil

Sunset Over Rio Grande

30x40  Oil

Panaramic view from hillcountry hill -bluebonnets -two intertwined oak trees on hill

View From Bluebonnet Ridge

30x40  Oil


Generic Crop in The Field

40x30  Oil

Cottonfield II


Shell and Wine Glass

9x12  Oil



18 x 24  Oil


Pecans and Glass

9x12  Oil

male African lion painted in sepia tones - oil painting

Lion In Sepia

5x7  Oil


Elephants on Trail

12x24  Oil

Bald Eagle - wildlife oil painting

Bald Eagle II

12 x 16  Oil

Vermont landscape viewed from path to Robert Frost Cabin - oil painting

From Path to Robert Frost Cabin

24 x 18  Oil


Texas landscape oil painting

Lampasas River

36x48  Oil

Texas landscape oil painting

Bluebonnets and Mesquites

20x24  Oil


Pallette knife  seascape oil painting

Through The Archway

48 x 60  Oil


Texas landscape oil painting

Near Hamilton Texas

30x40  Oil