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William Hagerman

Art has been a constant fixture in the life of 37 year old artist William Hagerman. Like many artists, Hagerman began learning this artistic language as a child with pencil drawings, graduating to a brush and paint at the age of twelve. Today, his artisanship and command of this artistic language is apparent in his award winning oil paintings that highlight the beauty of the landscape. Adding to the value of William’s work is his use and employment of time tested materials which add to the permanence, longevity and visual appeal of his paintings. Even to an untrained eye, these intrinsic qualities shine through.

In addition to his own personal studies, instruction has come from artists C.L. Curry, Dalhart Windberg, and professional workshops under Cowboy Artists of America members Robert Pummill and Gary Carter. William also credits CA artist Tom Ryan for his critiques and advice, and artist Wilson Hurly for providing a bibliography of books to further his studies. According to Hagerman, one of the greatest teachers is working from life. When possible, he paints color studies on location and supplements these with photographs for detail, then completes the painting indoors or uses the plein air studies as models for larger works.

Hagerman is an active signature member of the American Plains Artists.  He has served as President of the association. He also shares his artistic knowledge with his many students who are enrolled in his art classes and workshops.

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