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Pam Dieckert

Pam began painting 27 years ago. Although she has explored a variety of art mediums, she paints primarily on porcelain. She has been privileged to study with many internationally recognized artists and at porcelain art schools. She teaches art classes two days a week and travels throughout Texas to teach art seminars. She teaches at both the Texas State Porcelain Art Conventions and for the International Porcelain Art Conventions.     

Painting on porcelain is a challenging and demanding endeavor. Layering transparent colors allows for the creation of wonderful effects. Paintings have to be planned carefully to maintain highlights because no white paint is used. Painting on the slick porcelain surface adds to the difficulty. The strokes of paint sit on top of the porcelain until it is fired in a kiln to around 1500 degrees. The paint then becomes part of the glaze and is permanent. The piece is painted and fired a number of times to achieve the desired effect. Painting on porcelain is an ancient art that is considered a dying art as the number of porcelain artists dwindles.

Pam likes to paint the birds and animals she sees on her Belton ranch and also finds the native Texas wildflowers inspiring. She also delights in painting children. Her finished artwork can be done in a variety of shapes for decorative pieces or can be framed for hanging.

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