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Kay Griffith

Steadfast in her resolve to be successful internationally, Griffith has pressed forward and her work continues to find its way into ever widening International markets. Along the way Griffith has sought out technical training — a course on color and design, basic oil painting and high-level technical training for detailed oil painting. She merges technical training with what she naturally does as an artist to create her own brand of abstract work. The result is stunning. A high level of technical skill, interesting use of color and individuality of style yields paintings that seem to transcend the sum of their parts. They stir emotions and many times result in conversations and debate. Griffith's abstracts know no cultural or geographic boundaries; they connect to commonality deep within us. The work has been described as complex, haunting, and exhilarating. Tears, laughter, smiles, and calm gazing have been observed in viewers of Griffith abstracts.

Griffith is a native Texan. Love of the earth and a strong work ethic are evidenced in her art career.

Not wanting to direct the interaction between viewer and art, Griffith seldom names a painting beyond an identifying number. She insists that the viewer's interaction with the paintings is far more important than her relationship to the art.

She shows in the U.S.A., Europe and Canada. This year (2015) Art Tour International Magazine named Griffith as one of the "Top 60 Contemporary Masters" in the world.

Griffith has been chosen to represent the U.S.A. at the 2015 Art of The Americas Exhibition being held in Toronto, Canada,during the Pan Am Games. In 2014 Griffith showed in the Arte en Capital Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.

She was one of 29 international artists invited to participate in the event in conjunction with the Independent Artist Association of France. The 29 artists are all members of Open Art Code, a prestigious, international art group based in Florence, Italy. The group participates in top exhibitions around the world and membership is by invitation only. Griffith accepted the invitation to join the group in 2014. She has accepted an invitation to show with Open Art Code in conjunction with the Independent Artist Association of France again in the fall of 2015. In 2013 and 2014, Griffith was juried into a special exhibition hosted by Art Fusion Galleries in Miami, Florida during Art Basel Miami. International jury panels juried both shows. In 2013, 56 artists and in 2014, 59 artist were juried and accepted into the show. Also in 2014, Griffith was awarded an Honorable Mention (2,000 + entries) in an international contest hosted by Art Fusion Galleries in Miami. In Las Vegas, Nevada, 2012 and Raleigh, North Carolina, 2013, Griffith was juried and accepted into the World of Art Showcase, a highly selective international show.

Gallery Representation:
Art Fusion Galleries -- Miami, Florida
C. Parker Gallery - - Greenwich, Connecticut
Amsterdam Whitney International Gallery of Fine Art – New York City, New York -- month long exhibitions, then representation via portfolio
Kavanaugh Fine Art Gallery – Des Moines, Iowa


Griffith Fine Art Gallery