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cowboys with herd of longhorn cattle - western watercolor

Tamara Rymer

Bringing Up The Rear

13x20  Watercolor

herd of horses - western watercolor

Tamara Rymer

Jackson Herd

14 1/2 x 21 1/2  Watercolor

Cowboys with herd of longhorn cattle - western watercolor

Tamara Rymer

Long Walk Home

14x21  Watercolor

Cowboy on bucking horse - western watercolor

Tamara Rymer

Can't Talk Now

14 1/2 x 11 1/2  Watercolor

Sleeping paint colt - watercolor painting

Tamara Rymer

Out Like A Light

15x17 1/2  Watercolor

Calf with very young horns - watercolor painting

Tamara Rymer

Young Horns

14x17 1/2  Watercolor

horses at hitching post with snow falling - western watercolor painting

Tamara Rymer

And Then It Snowed

14 x 21 1/2  Watercolor

Cowboy on horseback - western watercolor

Tamara Rymer

The Eyes Have It

20 1/2 x 27  Watercolor

American Indian warrior and red wing black bird-original design in stained glass

Tom White

Red Wing Warrior

31 1/2 x 23  Tiffany technique stained Glass

horses in original western design - stained glass

Tom White

Two Horses and A Pony

Tiffany technique  Stained Glass

original design -western - stained glass - Tiffany technique

Tom White

Texas Saddle


Tiffany technique

Stained Glass

Longhorn giving the warning not to come one step closer - oil painting

Kay Griffith

The Defender

9 x 12  Oil

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